Pentowna Marina
Pentowna Marina Pentowna Marina Pentowna Marina Pentowna Marina Pentowna Marina Pentowna Marina Pentowna Marina

History of the Pentowna


In 1926 the Pentowna was pre-fabricated in Prince Rupert, on the west coast of British Columbia and transported by rail over 1000 miles for final re-assembly in Kelowna. Built by Canadian National Railways, she was designed to compete for the passenger and freight service on the 104 kilometre route between Penticton and Okanagan Landing near Vernon. The Pentowna could carry up to 200 passengers and cargo, travelling the length of Okanagan Lake twice a day, stopping at communities, farms and points of interest along the way.

The Pentowna was the first twin screw diesel engined vessel as well as the last to offer scheduled passenger service. In 1937, her passenger lounge was removed to better service the commercial rail barge traffic and she operated in this manner until the 1960’s. Then in 1973, she was sold privately to serve as a floating breakwater for the Peachland Marina.

Some old news clippings:










C.N. tug crew on the Pentowna, May 15, 1958


Apr. 9, 1973—The Pentowna heading south for Penticton.



May 2nd, 1974 - After a brief stay in Penticton, M.V. Pentowna returns to Peachland.


/_uploaded_files/tpen1976.jpgStormy weather pushes old boat over—Dec. 7th, 1976


In the 1980's, for a period of time, it was on its side again, held up only by the dock it was moored to.


In July, 1994, the Pentowna was purchased by Dennis Dumaresq. It took nine days to tow the boat to the Mission boat launch in Kelowna. It was then moved by road, to be placed by the Michaelbrook Ranch Golf Course. Funds could not be raised for the refurbishing of the craft, and it was then scrapped in Dec. 2005.